Gibraltar Bankers’ Association (GBA) Press Release


The Gibraltar Banking Association is today launching a full rebrand. It is built upon a desire to raise greater awareness of the opportunities for careers in banking on the Rock whilst modernising the image of banking to reflect its appeal as a key player in a developing digital environment.

The rebrand has resulted in a new logo for the Association as well as the launch of a LinkedIn and Twitter profile and a brand new website. The primary aim is to provide appropriate platforms to reach out to its followers and importantly highlight to young people the diverse career paths banking can facilitate.

The updated logo exhibits a fresh take on the traditional key associated with Gibraltar. With security being one of the core values of the Association, that is encapsulated within the symbol. The modern design more accurately reflects the GBA’s image whilst being more legible and recognisable. With the new, adaptable logo, the brand can be displayed prominently across a variety of contexts and mediums.

The core values of the Gibraltar Bankers’ Association are ‘strength’, ‘security’ and ‘innovation’.

The new website ( shows a refreshed design to align itself with the GBA’s brand overhaul and provides information about banking on the Rock with useful links. On the social front, the LinkedIn and Twitter page will also provide additional information, news and updates on the Association. 

GBA President, Marvin Cartwright, said “We are delighted to be able to launch our rebrand and social media feeds. This is part of a focused strategy to raise the profile of banking as a viable, exciting and interesting career, particularly for young people. Banking is simply not about numbers but is an industry requiring multiple skill sets. With the advent of the digital era as well as our own Jurisdictional focus on developing the DLT and Crypto space, this makes opportunities even more diverse than ever.

Banking is a key pillar and gateway to our whole financial services industry and we want to play a more prominent role through promoting our industry, get involved in educational initiatives and work with stakeholders to improve consumer experience.”

The GBA branding, website and social media channels have been created by, and are managed by Clickbait Media.

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