Unite wins extra cost of living pay rise for lowest paid at Natwest


Unite the union has today (Thursday 7 July) announced that it has won an extra cost of living pay increase for the lowest paid at Natwest.

Following calls from Unite and extensive talks, the bank has agreed to give the lowest paid staff who earn less than £32,000 across the bank an additional 4 per cent salary increase. This deal will help some 17,300 employees.

Unite continues to press for improvements in the pay of all across at the organisation in order to address the pressures faced by staff in the bank as the costs of living continues to go up.

Caren Evans, Unite national officer, said: “Unite has today won an extra 4 per cent pay increase for those in Natwest who are facing the largest hardship as the costs of living increase. The bank have responded to the union’s demands about the impact that the cost of living is having on the lowest paid. The union welcomes the pay rise which is preferable to a one-off payment.

“While the bank’s offer does not meet in full all that Unite requested, this is an important first step. Unite will continue to press for a pay increase for the remaining employees who also need support during these challenging financial times.”  

The 4 per cent increase to base salary for all staff earning a full time equivalent (FTE) salary of £32,000 or less in GB will be implemented in September. A similar approach will be applied to Unite members in RBSI who work in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Gibraltar.  

Unite is dedicated to advancing the jobs, pay and conditions of its members and will fight back against any efforts to diminish workers' living standards.